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The legal requirements for marriage
weddingabcs.com | Jan. 01, 1970

Birth Certificates of the couple need to be procured from the National Statistics Office. The Civil Registrar of Cebu City also accepts authenticated Certificate of Live Birth if one of the contracting parties was registered in the city.

Certificate of No-Marriage (CENOMAR) is a certification from the National Statistics Office signifying that both of you have never been married before. Although not a requirement for marriage, this certificate makes sure that the person you are marrying is free of commitments. This certificate can be requested online through www.e-census.com.ph. For local requests, a certificate will cost P400 which already include shipping and handling fees but if you choose to pay using a credit card, it will be considered foreign and the price will be in US currency.

Valid Identification Cards of the couple should be presented. School, company, and government issued photo identification card are considered valid.

Community tax certificates (Cedula) can be secured from the city or municipal hall where the couple resides.

Barangay Clearances can be obtained from the respective barangays where the contracting parties reside. This is issued by the barangay secretary and signed by the barangay captain.

Parental Consent (for contracting parties aged 18 to 21) or parental advice (for contracting parties between 22 and 25) – this is a certification that the contracting parties’ respective parents are aware of their intention to marry. These can be obtained from the local civil registry where the parents of the concerned party reside.

Certificate of Attendance in Marriage Counseling Seminar and a Family Planning Seminar issued by the City or Municipality Health Office need to be presented. This is usually a one-day seminar on parenting, family planning and helpful information in rearing a family. The couple needs to set an appointment with the Health Office in order to have a schedule for a seminar.

Photo sizes 1x1 and 2x2s also need to be prepared.

Appearance of both contracting parties at the Civil Registrar’s office upon applying is required.

The couple should present the subscribed and sworn marriage license form.

A marriage license is usually issued by the local Civil Registrar after two weeks after all the necessary requirements are submitted. It is valid for 120 days.

Law and Marriage

The Family Code of the Philippines defines marriage as a special contract of permanent union between man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of a conjugal and family life.

Requirement to ensure that the wedding will be valid long after the ceremony is over:

  1. The authority of the person solemnizing the marriage should be established. S/he should have the proper authority and documents to prove that s/he is allowed by law to solemnize a marriage.
    - For church weddings, this person is the priest or minister, who should be registered in the civil registry general.
    - For civil weddings, this person is any incumbent member of the judiciary vested with proper jurisdiction.
    - mayors
  2. At least two persons of legal age should stand as witnesses.
  3. Lastly, the contracting parties must obtain a Marriage License.
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